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1. 讚好及分享此FB Post
2. 在分享FB Post寫上「喺Jobee搵到工仲有獎金收!」
3. 到 應徵工作
4. 成功獲聘後申請獎金
5. 一個月後,Jobee會確認求職者是否仍然在職,並會以電郵發送電子支票給你
6. 請用Screenshot拍下你已分享的FB Post或直接複製網址回覆電郵
7. 一經確認後,Jobee會再發送另一張同一金額的電子支票

* Jobee網站上只會顯示原來的聘用獎金
* 已參加活動的求職者一經核實,聘用獎金將會自動倍增

1. 活動日期為2016年10月1日至12月31日。
2. 第一天上班日期必須於2016年12月31日或之前。
3. 活動期內的雙倍獎金適用於所有成功獲聘的求職者。
4. 參加者所提供的資料只用作此活動領取獎金及聯絡之用。
5. 參加者獲聘後將有專人聯絡確認資料。
6. 如發現有不正確個人資料或不符合參加要求的參加者,Jobee將保留參加者被取消資格之最終決定權。
7. 所有獎金於頒發後如有遺失,恕不補發。
8. 任何參加者參加是次活動,即代表同意以上所有條款及細則。如有違反或爭議,Jobee有權取消參加者的資格,並保留追究權利。
9. Jobee保留所有最終決定權利,並可隨時終止活動或更改任何條款及細則而毋須另行通知,參加者不得異議。

Details and How to Collect Bonus
1. Like and Share this FB Post
2. Leave a message “In Jobee, Get a Job, Get the Bonus” in the Shared FB post
3. Apply for jobs in
4. Apply for Commitment Bonus after being employed
5. After a month of employment, Jobee will confirm if you have been working in the company, and will send you a E-cheque
6. Please take a screenshot of your shared FB Post or directly copy the link to reply the email
7. When the email is confirmed, Jobee will send you another E-cheque with the same amount of money

* The Commitment Bonus shown in Jobee is still the original amount of money
* But for all participants in this activity, Commitment Bonus will automatically be doubled after confirmation

Terms and Conditions
1. The activity shall run from 1st Oct to 31st Dec 2016.
2. The First Day of Work shall be on or before 31st Dec 2016.
3. All job seekers who are successfully employed are qualified for the doubled bonus in the activity.
4. Information provided will only be used for contacting participants and collecting bonus in this activity.
5. Participants will be contacted for information confirmation after being employed.
6. In the case of incorrect information or ineligible applications, Jobee reserves the right to final decision-making on rescinding the applications.
7. Any loss after the bonus is collected by participants will not be replaced or reimbursed.
8. Participants shall adhere to the terms and conditions of this activity. In case of disputes, Jobee shall have the rights to final decision-making.
9. Jobee reserves the right to amend and alter any of the activity, terms and conditions anytime without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the decision of Jobee shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.