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蜂職有限公司Jobeeworks Limited


  1. 1. 以「迄今為止沒有連繫的人」為目標,快速解決各種招聘問題。
  2. 2. 成為良心企業並且得到社會的認同,讓社會與公司共享繁榮。
  3. 3. 為員工創造理想的工作環境, 讓員工追尋夢想。

Visions of Jobeeworks:

To build a better world with our best recruitment platform.
  1. 1. To innovate shortcut solutions for employment problems by linking up new people.
  2. 2. To dedicate to a better society as a conscientious company, and thus enrich society and stakeholders of the company.
  3. 3. To provide a dream workplace for our staff to achieve their dreams



Meaning of our logo:

Our logo is based on the form of a four-leaf clover, a honey bee and the alphabets, J and B in Jobee. It represents that everything matches up and thus generates energy, hope and happiness to the future in all directions.


  1. • Meet Job, Fun Job. 逢職,蜂(FUN)職。幫助求職者尋找自己的天職,充實人生
  2. • 提供一個讓求職者適材適所,僱主知人善任的平台
  3. • 將「求職者與僱主對峙」的招聘情況改變為「求職者與僱主共同解決公司問題」
  4. • 解決職缺問題,促進經濟,貢獻社會

Mission of Jobee as a recruiting platform:

  1. • Meet Job, Fun Job. Help Job seekers find their vocation and achieve a fruitful life
  2. • Provide a platform for both Job Seekers and Employers to encounter the right company and right candidate.
  3. • Change the recruitment situation from “Job Seekers Verse Employer” to “Job Seeks and Employer Verse Aims and Problems”
  4. • Solve job vacancy problems and enhance economic development.


  1. • 支援之前一直被忽略的餐廳、小店及中小企業的招聘
  2. • 毋須再先付費後刊登
  3. • 讓更多人看到平常較少見的小企招聘廣告
  4. • 減少錯配,減低求職者即時辭職的可能
  5. • 創造僱主及求職者雙贏的招聘平台

What problems is Jobee going to solve?

  1. • Jobee supports the recruitment for SMEs, restaurants and small shops which were neglected until now.
  2. • Jobee does NOT adopt the “charge before employment” system.
  3. • Jobee makes the inapproachable job ads of small business reachable.
  4. • Jobee prevents employment mismatch and immediate resignation.
  5. • Jobee provides a platform to gather both Employers and Job Seekers by providing advantages for them.
蜂職有限公司 Jobeeworks Limited
職業介紹所牌照號碼 Employment Agency Licence No. 48874
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Head Office: Unit 2607, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
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TST Office: 12F, China Minmetals Tower, 79 Chatham Road South, TST, Kowloon
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